It is with great pleasure that I announce the production of new compositions for guitar by distinguished composers who have accepted the request to write new works for my next CD “Preludes”. Leo Brouwer and Angelo Gilardino have dedicated to me new cycles of preludes that have enriched my project.
In addition to the works of these two prestigious composers, the Prelude No. 7 by Fabio Frizzi, which the maestro wanted to add to his six preludes written previously and which were present in the track list from the start.
The CD, born with the idea of presenting collections of preludes written by celebrated guitarist-composers of our time, will be released by the Da Vinci Classics record label.


In early 2021, Leo Brouwer wrote a new, wonderful cycle of preludes entitled ‘Preludios Los amores difíciles’, three little gems that refer expressly to Italo Calvino’s short stories of the same title. This is not the first time that the Cuban maestro has taken inspiration from literary works for his compositions. He had already done so when he was inspired by the lyrics of Miguel Hernández for his famous “Preludios epigramaticos”, which I decided to record and place alongside the new preludes on my new CD.

The “Preludios Los amores difíciles” will soon be published by Ediciones Espiral Eterna.

© By courtesy of Ediciones Espiral Eterna.



In the second half of December 2020, Fabio Frizzi sent me a real “Christmas present”: his Preludio n. 7. The composer was aware of my project and knew that I had included in it the six preludes he had already written in the 1990s. The title, ‘Green hope’, gives a clear idea of the meaning of the composition, which is intended as a song of hope at this time of pandemic and climate disruption.


In the summer of 2020, when I started recording for a project I had long had in mind, I asked Angelo Gilardino to compose a new collection of preludes. From the brilliant mind of the maestro from Vercelli and his unending talent came “Sunset Boulevard”, a group of three preludes, in three-part form and quite articulated, in which Gilardino explores unusual technical and expressive possibilities of the guitar, as he is used to doing in his continuous research. While it is difficult to give an unequivocal meaning to the choice of title, we can better understand the inspiration that guided the composer, in the words of the maestro himself, who explains that the triptych is nothing more than a “quiet observation of what escapes even long experience, making itself indecipherable…”.

Sunset Boulevard will be published by Edizioni Curci in the coming months.